Well now. I got under the skin of a bit of my readers. I'm glad to see you all finally found the comment button.

After reading several news articles online, seeing several of the same topics come up, I HAD OPINIONS. Young girls with babies by men their fathers age getting arrested for child abuse and neglect. That story links into other stories of similar and just as disturbing topics.

Some of these things HIT HOME FOR ME, from my past. I wanted to get it out of my head. Just to get things straight, my own mother fits into many of these factors. I'm born from an out of wedlock conception.

I vented my frustrations on my blog and I'd do it again. I will do it again. Writing helps me gets thing from my head, otherwise I think on them too much, loose sleep....

So, if I know you personally, obviously this isn't about you. Sorry if you hit a couple of my trash factors. There are SO many more to take into account, as Martha, Heather and Ali pointed out.

I do not consider any of my friends trashy. I'm am quite worried on how upset some got. What should you care what I implied toward you, if you know your not a trash bag, then you probably aren't. Yet, if you are still unsure, then maybe some life changes are in order.


12/24/2012 8:16pm

You know, I think some of the items in your post are more prevalent these days because of the economy (i.e. renting, being late on bills), but an intelligent person should be able to take that into consideration. If people are upset about what you wrote, I tend to think it's more because of a negative view of themselves......

12/25/2012 8:35am

I tend to agree with you. I hit a nerve for some folks. Obviously those people are not comfortable with themselves enough to brush thing off. It's a pity.

I've rented.
I've had to borrow money from my dad to pay a bill.
And I'm an asshole.

Those are all trash factors of some sort, but there are so many more to take into account.

If you think I'm speaking directly to you on those items, many you need to make some changes.


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