So, I'm just as important as you. Don't for a minute think that your life is more busy, complicated, fun, interesting or any other adjective, than mine.
If I call you, call me back, at least acknowledge my effort with a text message. I do not for one second believe that you are sooooo damned important saving the world and shit that you cannot spare 30 seconds to send a text message reply, even if the reply is "I'm busy saving the rain forest, I'll get back with you, chillax"

yes, i said chillax.

i had more ranting to do, but i took a they have been down graded from a rant to a grumble for the most part.

On a side note: I watched that show "honey boo boo". HOLY SHIT! It's like a damn car accident with bodies hanging out the window, I CAN'T STOP LOOKING. I know they are white trash, nasty, horrible excuses for humans, but seriously, it's entertaining. I can't help but to think two things when, my kids/family/values/life is AWESOME. The second thing....well this reminds me of my childhood in waaaay to many ways to be proud of.
This poor family thinks they are hot shit with their own TV show, but really, the world is laughing at them, for all of the wrong reasons. Who wants to take bets on when the little girl Alana has he first kid? I'm betting on 14....


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