I took a tiny blogging hiatus for a couple reasons.
1. I have been EXHAUSTED for no apparently reason. I think it's just the weather. Its so nice to stay in my warm bed versus getting up and being cold. so lack of energy + housework and kiddo wrangling = not much time to speak my mind.
2. I was disenchanted with blogging due to some cyber bully. This person didn't appreciate the candidness of my blog posts but in the same breath told me if was boring and lame. So, if my comments and thoughts get a rise out of you, then that's the OPPOSITE of being boring. So I took a break from posting my minds inner workings out there for all to see.

But, I'm all over than now. Screw them if they don't like what inside my head, use the mouse, click the button and get the hell off my blog. the fact that I regularly get 30+ hits daily (one day 150), even though I don't post daily must mean i have something interesting to say.

On a lighter note, I've been enjoying the Christmas spirit that's slowly filling the air. Listening to Christmas music and enjoying the decorations with my kids is wonderful. They decorated my tree for me and it's fabulous. Nothing like a magazine worthy tree, but it's all them :)

I have some recipes to post. Hopefully I'll be getting to that some time soon ;)


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