Confess, at one point or another, you have thought "I totally could be a serial killer". Especially after watching an episode of Dexter :)

One night, very very late, I was driving home from college, exhausted. I called my then fiancé (now husband) and had a conversation to keep me awake. The convo happened to be about how I could "totally be a serial killer", next thing I know BAM, I hit a dear. I freaked out, luckily a cop came by, found the dear, which wasn't dead....then she shot it. I cried and cried. over a dear, and I wasn't even the one that killed it. There goes my grandiose dreams of murdering sprees :)

Indentical twins totally waste their opportunity to maim and dismember people. Same DNA, look the same, etc. basically they have a built in alibi! Why the heck not? I mean except for the whole "thou shall not kill" rule and all. so, if you're and identical twin and you have the urge, get your better half in on it. It worked on TV!

These crazy things come into my head after watching an old episode of law and order and then hearing about that new movie The Purge.

The Purge. That's some good shit right there. 1 night of the year you get a free pass to whatever you want?!? Count me in!!! Alas, I've got these kids that I need to take care of, so I suppose I'd hunker myself down in a bunker and let the day pass.... But I might just have a wish list to pass on to someone partaking in the festivities ;)

Any thoughts on this topic? I'd love some comments and discussion!


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