Let's get a few things straight. I'm a good person, I care about others, I love my family, I do not commit crimes....I'm pretty awesome (hence this blog name). It's pretty hard to take a stab at me and actually hit something. I don't do anything wrong....heck I won't even drive my car after a single martini!
Although I am this wonderful person.....if you fuck with me I will fuck you back, harder than you can imagine! That cliche "you mess with the bull, you get the horns" totally applies to me. One way to get yourself totally screwed is to say or do anything to my kids. Oh, man, you'd be totally fucked. And that's exactly what happened to troglodyte.

I've had the pleasure to find out that troglodyte fucked himself when he tried to take a stab at me. The genius man that he was (albeit, probably drunk at the time....) actually admitted to drinking and driving during his attempted "attack" on me. Funny thing is, smartie pants was trying to get a job at the police station at the time. Well now, guess who didn't get that job? TEEHEE! He's blaming it on somebody posting things on his facebook page, he must be talking about our encounter.
I DO hope that he learned some things....like 1) you're dumb, don't argue with someone whose IQ is clearly 50 points higher than yours. 2) don't admit to illegal activities ONLINE (that goes back to his undoubtedly low IQ) 3) don't say things about someone else's kid, you are just asking to get your ass handed to you.... and 4) NEVER mess with jessica cammarano....ever.

So, I'm satisfied and I really do hope I see him again.....he will probably be one of those drunken hobos with a sign in front of Walmart by then :) wouldn't that be nice?


02/05/2013 5:33am

Karma's not a bitch; she's appropriately just.


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