A while back, maybe a month, my MOPs (mothers of preschoolers) group made these bags to give out to homeless folks we encountered. They contained useful things like socks, peanut butter crackers, band aids, etc.

Today I had the opportunity to give a bag away! This man was very great full, saying "oh man, I needed socks!". It made me happy to give him something needed, and maybe that one thing changed a bad day into a slightly better one.
The best part was that my children were with me and we got to dialog about it. As 5 year olds, they don't really understand struggles. We told them about the man being homeless, meaning he sleeps outside, even in the snow and sometimes he doesn't have food to eat. They were so excited by helping him that they asked to make more bags.
I think I found a thanksgiving day family project ;)

I hope this inspires one of you readers to make your own bag to keep in your car and give to a person in need.

Pay it forward darlings


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