I received these products for free from www.influenster.com to test and review.

I'm generally not a conditioner person at all. I have super fine and limp hair and conditioner usually weighs it down and make it look oily :(

This was not the case with the herbal essences conditioner. First of all, right out of the bottle, it was different. Non really fluid-like, more like a paste, over the normal lotion style i'm used to.

The smell was great, not similar to the herbal essences that i've loved for all of these years, but more of a subtle mint smell. And correct me if im wrong....but i do believe it made my scalp tingle!

The best part about this product is the fact that is paraben free, not only are parabens harmful for us, but they are not great for the environment!

all in all, i do believe this one is a keeper for me. Now, i won't be a daily user because i know that my baby-like hair just cant handle it, but i'll certainly be using it after i use styling products, or so swimming in a chlorinated pool.

The dry shampoo is GREAT for adding a little bit of texture to my fine and limp hair. Generally my hair does not want to take a style easily. I like to use dry shampoo to not only get the oily residue out of my hair in builds up fas as well and spraying it before start using my flat iron for some curl.

Ok, so dry shampoo is dry shampoo, right? no way. This stuff is also paragen free.....it uses TAPIOCA to absorb the
oily is your hair and give it a little texture for styling. Good for me, good for you, good for mother earth. Ditch the stuff your using now and go with something you can feel good about using.



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