In light of this mass shooting in Colorado, i figured I'd write a bit about gun control.

First of all, it's STUPID. Having strict gun control wouldn't have done a damn thing to save those poor people. First of all, the guns he had were ALREADY illegal, so having more laws wouldn't have done anything for him obtaining those guns. The only thing that would come from having tighter restrictions on obtaining guns would be a bunch of armed criminals (who rarely get guns via legal processes) and the rest of us with nothing to defend ourselves. You better believe that if someone comes into my home and tries to hurt my family, i will shoot them. No guns for us, means less safety for my family, no bueno folks.

Automatic weapons are all ready illegal if your not a part of a special ops law enforcement team (SWAT) or in the military. and even then, they just don't give them to you to take home and play with, they are inventoried and cataloged.

Maybe having heftier penalties on those that use illegal guns during crimes would be more appropriate. How about this, release all of those people in jail for drug possession/use (an offense that only hurts themselves) to make room in the jails. Next, tack on an extra 5 years to the sentence of anyone that commented a crime in which an illegal gun was used of even present. NEXT, have a minimum sentence for anyone in possession of an illegal gun 5 years.

Another thing that kind of freaks me out about the whole event is that he ordered most of this stuff via the internet. No, I don't want MORE government control, but i do want a little more protection. Isn't that what the whole bullshit Patriot Act is about? We're supposed to be monitoring the goings on, looking for suspicious activity, to find potential terrorist cells. How did they not catch him stock piling these weapons and bomb making equipment? Maybe this Patriot Act should go away, I'm sure we're spending money on it, and if it's not doing it job, then kick it to the curb, same amount of death, less cost.

oh, if I ruled the world.....

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