So, I like nature, it's calm, beautiful and doesn't ask me to wipe it's ass. I'd like to leave a little beauty for my kids and grand kids to enjoy, but it seems more and more likely that we're screwing the planet beyond repair.

I think I'm doing good by recycling and reusing when i can, but really it's barely worth it, considering the difference i make here. I watched this movie, called Bag It, it really changed my thoughts on recycling. You can check out the movie and other information here:

One of the things that caught my attention is how much it sucks to recycle plastic. Apparently, it's a nasty nasty thing, causing a nice amount of chemicals to be released. Generally, most of the US recycling process isn't done in the US, because it's that nasty. Not only is it nasty, but it's also limited, most plastic products can only be recycled, down-cycled really, once or twice. Don't get me wrong, we should be recycling all the plastic that we possibly can because if we don't, our grand kids will be living on dirt lots, unable to grow anything, because there is so much plastic in the soil plants cannot function and grow.

Another interesting point in the movie was that glass and aluminum can be recycled (not down-cycled, totally recycled) for ever and ever and ever and ever! That's promising. The problem is the biggest creator of glass and aluminum trash i can think of in town DOESN'T RECYCLE.

Bars. Yup, beer, wine, liquor containers...all of it, they don't recycle. At least not here. WHAT THE HELL!?

So this is what I'm thinking: I'll do some research with the recycling companies here in town, find out about how many people they would need to hire to accommodate a new law saying that every establishment that is granted a liquor license must recycle. That should be a nice number to throw out there, "it'll create this many LOCAL jobs".
Then I will figure out how to go about getting a new requirement to the liquor license, whether i need it to be added to a vote, of it the mayor can just do it. Then I'll start a petition on one of those petition sites to gain support. THEN ill contact the local media about this. Then they will capitulate! Presto, I'm an activist :)

I'm really interested in the thoughts of you blog readers. Please comment if you have opinions, ideas or thoughts.

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