I've been miserably sick. First cold of the season I guess. And during this cold I noticed a few things.

I'm a WIMP when I'm sick. I big giant baby. Which isn't good when you have you own babies to take care of.

The rules for a sick mom are not that same as a sick dad. In fact, it's flat out ridiculous what is expected of a mom even though she feels bad. Like seriously, do you really want me sick ass touching the clean dishes, dumb ass.

I have AMAZINGLY good kids. I explained to them that I was sick and instantly they were well behaved, listening, and trying to take care of me. They didn't complain about me not interacting with them at all, I hid in my room unless I had to deal with something, like feeding and bathing. I didn't want to spread my germs to him if i could help it at all.

FLASHBACK TIME: When the babies were like 2 months old I got the flu. The real, hard core, body ache flu. They weren't even 10 lbs yet, they were so tiny, I couldn't do ANYTHING with them and my husband could not get any time away from work and I had no family within 1000 miles. So I put a bandana over my face when i changed their diapers, no hugging, kissing, holding, just right to business and back into their cribs. THEN to feed them, not only did i use the bandana, I washed my hands, grabbed plastic bags, put them around my hand, taped them on, made the food and fed them while I had these bags on my hands. They would cry in their cribs, I would open the door (bandana on my face), lysol wipes on door knobs, checked to make sure thing were OK and they just were crying for attention. Then i would shut the door and literally collapse in front of their door and try to rest. It was terrible.

Back to my less horrible sickness, i was still about to.....DESPITE my illness, give them a bath two nights in a row, brought my son to hockey practice and got him all geared up and then hand washed his hockey gear. I highly doubt any dad would do ANY of that when they felt like I did.
Oh did i mention that my daughter pissed her pants during his practice.....15 minutes in? Yeah, I'm the horrible mom that make her kids sit in pissy pants in the bleachers while her other kid plays.I think she learned a valuable lesson today. I remember being in kindergarten pissing myself and having to sit in it at the nurses office until my mom got there. Hopefully she will remember this and not do it in kindergarten.

putting this cold in the prospective of my 2008 flu, it was nothing. I AM a wimp.
also.....the word wimp needs to have an H in it....


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