Today I got asked to doing a favor, in fact, I am doing it right now.

I rarely ask for favors. I don't like to impose on people. And really, I'm too particular to have others do things for me.

A "favor".... some people cringe when they hear that word. A bother. A pain in the ass. An inconvince.

I don't.

To me it's an honor. A gift. A chance.

Let's think about it, you have obligations that you cannot meet and you are sending a proxy. By asking a friend to do something for you, you are saying, please BE ME for a little while. What an honor.

Think about it the next time to get pissy with a friend in need. Whether you think it in your head or say it in a grumble after the fact.



01/31/2013 6:53am

I like this a lot, but then there is a type of person who never knows how to say no. That person was me, So I in my past was so busy Being other people, I never had a chance to do things for myself. Thankfully I learned that I need to do for myself before I can do for others. I like your preception on doing a favor for somebody. I need to take that to heart....


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