Some kids are just monsters. Bully monsters. It's disgusting. Parents that condone it should be sodomized with a zucchini.
My child, an average sized 5 year old, plays hockey. Our hockey league sets things up as it should be, keeping kids of the same age together.
We had a tournament with another league. These fools put kids up to 12 years old on teams playing WITH and against 4,5, and 6 year olds. I watched as this behemoth of a girl, probably 10 years old on the ice with kids literally HALF her size.
So of course, she dominated the ice, made goal after goal, and was actually looking pleased with herself. And these morons where actually CHEERING for this!? She wasn't the only one, but I focus on her because she was the one I saw the most of.
First of all, and I know she's a kid, but it looks like she got shot out of an ugly cannon, hit an ugly tree, hit all the ugly branches on the way down, then rolled down a personality sucking hill into a puddle of fat ass. So maybe playing a sport in which she needs to have a helmet on all the time is a blessing to us. Personally I'm not a fan of girls playing hockey, at least my girl. But each family is different, so rock on hockey-ette. But shame on her damn parents. How in the world can they be ok with their kid playing with kids half her size and age, give the girl some credit. That can't be fun for her. She's bullying these kids, these scores can't have any satisfaction for her? Her team mates aren't able to have any fun, they are also little ones. How dumb are their parents for being OK with them playing with that monster of a kid, why didn't they speak up?
Hockey is a dangerous sport when you are playing with kids your own size, let alone playing with kids twice your size. Shameful parents not taking into account my child's safety, their own child's safety too. Idiots.
Well now. I got under the skin of a bit of my readers. I'm glad to see you all finally found the comment button.

After reading several news articles online, seeing several of the same topics come up, I HAD OPINIONS. Young girls with babies by men their fathers age getting arrested for child abuse and neglect. That story links into other stories of similar and just as disturbing topics.

Some of these things HIT HOME FOR ME, from my past. I wanted to get it out of my head. Just to get things straight, my own mother fits into many of these factors. I'm born from an out of wedlock conception.

I vented my frustrations on my blog and I'd do it again. I will do it again. Writing helps me gets thing from my head, otherwise I think on them too much, loose sleep....

So, if I know you personally, obviously this isn't about you. Sorry if you hit a couple of my trash factors. There are SO many more to take into account, as Martha, Heather and Ali pointed out.

I do not consider any of my friends trashy. I'm am quite worried on how upset some got. What should you care what I implied toward you, if you know your not a trash bag, then you probably aren't. Yet, if you are still unsure, then maybe some life changes are in order.
Today I got asked to doing a favor, in fact, I am doing it right now.

I rarely ask for favors. I don't like to impose on people. And really, I'm too particular to have others do things for me.

A "favor".... some people cringe when they hear that word. A bother. A pain in the ass. An inconvince.

I don't.

To me it's an honor. A gift. A chance.

Let's think about it, you have obligations that you cannot meet and you are sending a proxy. By asking a friend to do something for you, you are saying, please BE ME for a little while. What an honor.

Think about it the next time to get pissy with a friend in need. Whether you think it in your head or say it in a grumble after the fact.

Today's therapy session was great, no crying. I got time to talk about me. I realized some things. No one knows me. My husband does and he keeps my secrets well. The great pretender. I think I know me, but I don't. Sometimes, I say the exactly opposite of what I actually think just because there would be a throw down if I said what was really in my mind.

I had all of these witty things to write here.....the just seem smug and stupid now.

This is what I know: by the time I really figure out who I AM, I will be in my seventies. I think about my grandmom, she has her shit together. She knows who she is. Everybody loves her because AND  despite of that. That's who I will be. The strongest person I know.

Screw the Midwest. I need the ocean.
I had done a good bit of Christmas shopping online this year, which was AWESOME, I highly recommend it. I thought I was in good shape, boy was I wrong!

We got the gifts out yesterday to make sure everything was even, having twins, being even is VERY important. We got some BIG stuff. An indoor basketball game for the basement, doll house for princess, tool bench for buddy, etc. Now, as far as gifts to unwrap....pitiful.

Off I go to the stores next week to fill in the gaps. Luckily I found this AWESOME app for my iPhone that i just tested out at walmart whist I did some re-con with the kiddos. Basically, you scan an item and it tell you the lowest price online and lowest price in nearby stores. It uses your location service (make sure you enable it) to determine the nearby store and even tells you if its in stock. So tested it on some mobigo games. I was able to find a better price at other stores for almost all of them. The app is call shop savvy. I heard about it on a day time TV show. It's freeeeee ;)

Next week while the kids are at preschool I am on a mission. I will get this gift buying season conquered ASAP.

three posts in a row that I'm not ranting in? wow!
I took a tiny blogging hiatus for a couple reasons.
1. I have been EXHAUSTED for no apparently reason. I think it's just the weather. Its so nice to stay in my warm bed versus getting up and being cold. so lack of energy + housework and kiddo wrangling = not much time to speak my mind.
2. I was disenchanted with blogging due to some cyber bully. This person didn't appreciate the candidness of my blog posts but in the same breath told me if was boring and lame. So, if my comments and thoughts get a rise out of you, then that's the OPPOSITE of being boring. So I took a break from posting my minds inner workings out there for all to see.

But, I'm all over than now. Screw them if they don't like what inside my head, use the mouse, click the button and get the hell off my blog. the fact that I regularly get 30+ hits daily (one day 150), even though I don't post daily must mean i have something interesting to say.

On a lighter note, I've been enjoying the Christmas spirit that's slowly filling the air. Listening to Christmas music and enjoying the decorations with my kids is wonderful. They decorated my tree for me and it's fabulous. Nothing like a magazine worthy tree, but it's all them :)

I have some recipes to post. Hopefully I'll be getting to that some time soon ;)
Today there is just one. His name is John and he lives in Wisconsin.
I wish a incurable disease on him, preferably a painful one... That causes oozing

Oh wait, there is another one, Dave from Kansas. Same thing for him, but I'd like to include gum bleeding as well, and anal leakage.

So readers, anyone you have in mind, or are you all too nice to say what you think?
A while back, maybe a month, my MOPs (mothers of preschoolers) group made these bags to give out to homeless folks we encountered. They contained useful things like socks, peanut butter crackers, band aids, etc.

Today I had the opportunity to give a bag away! This man was very great full, saying "oh man, I needed socks!". It made me happy to give him something needed, and maybe that one thing changed a bad day into a slightly better one.
The best part was that my children were with me and we got to dialog about it. As 5 year olds, they don't really understand struggles. We told them about the man being homeless, meaning he sleeps outside, even in the snow and sometimes he doesn't have food to eat. They were so excited by helping him that they asked to make more bags.
I think I found a thanksgiving day family project ;)

I hope this inspires one of you readers to make your own bag to keep in your car and give to a person in need.

Pay it forward darlings
So, your kids are a reflection of you, why do you dress them like hobos? Seriously, I'm not the richest person in town, but I can put my kids in matching outfits.... they don't to be rocking the latest trends guys. No need for baby Uggs and Bebe outfits. A nice target outfit or two will do them just fine....hell you can find some decent stuff at walmart these days...
OK, everything matches is jeans, literally, everything, when in doubt throw a pairs of jeans on the kids and call it a day. In what world does green leggings with ugly animals on them match with a purple polka dotted shirt?
Now, I know I suck at doing hair and my child looked ragged before we decided to keep her hair in a bob. But you know what? I FIXED THE PROBLEM, and I did it early on. Why on earth would you dress your kids in mismatched, over sized, holey clothing? Go to a consignment shop (I do), a nice pair of brand name jeans.....$4 tops.
People are judging them, and you. Once these kids get to school, their peers will be judging them daily, to get picked for games on the play ground, to go to birthday parties, be liked in general. Guess what, their teachers judge them. they do, trust me. All those kids with the nice clothes and perceived "well off" families got better treatment by teachers when I was a kid. If you didn't notice it, then you were one of those kids.
Next year is kindergarten folks, the big time. Where it all starts. Don't give your kids a handicap from the beginning by letting them look like dirtballs. You better believe me, I'll be at the mall this summer, hitting the sales. Getting the brand name stuff (on sale, with coupons, supplementing with consignment finds). I will do it out of love, to give my kids a good start in what will be a very difficult time. They need to fit in socially, which is hard no matter how much money your parents have..... so there is no need to tip off the world that they don't fit in economically.
You might think I'm a cunt, but I tell it like it is. Take it from on of those kids that didn't have the nice brand name cool clothing. I even had one twunt (my new word) catch me trying to lie where I got my clothes, turn me around, look at the label and then call me out to everyone. So, yes, I'll say it, APPEARANCES MATTER. We all try to put on rose colored glasses and pretend that we're better than that, but it's just not the case and we all have to understand that life isn't fair.

Now, I'm not THAT evil. I teach me kids differently. I teach them that we are all the same, that everyone deserves to be played with equally, no matter what they look like. But peer pressure is s strong force, and not all parents teach their kids to love everyone. Eventually.....maybe second grade, these differences will be noticed and cliques will form and that is it. Once that happens, you're labeled and it is hard to dig yourself out once that happens. Take it from a labeled kid. I had to move 1/2 across the country before me labels were completely removed. They aren't external labels, you can get the nice clothing and hair, but they have now seeped in. You BECOME what you're labeled and you have to figure out who you really are.

My husband asked me what I was blogging about. He informed me that the purple shirt green legging situation may have just been a kid picking out their own outfit. I understand that, and maybe I'm an asshole. Maybe that was the kids play clothing and they wore the cute stuff to school. but I highly doubt it in this situation. My son can come with some gnarly outfits on his own. The latest being a red shirt, yellow addias athletic shorts and blue and green rain boots with frogs on them. I let him do it... when we are at home, but I'm with it enough as a mom to get his act together before we leave the house. 

feel free to comment, i imagine this is a hot button issue.
I've been miserably sick. First cold of the season I guess. And during this cold I noticed a few things.

I'm a WIMP when I'm sick. I big giant baby. Which isn't good when you have you own babies to take care of.

The rules for a sick mom are not that same as a sick dad. In fact, it's flat out ridiculous what is expected of a mom even though she feels bad. Like seriously, do you really want me sick ass touching the clean dishes, dumb ass.

I have AMAZINGLY good kids. I explained to them that I was sick and instantly they were well behaved, listening, and trying to take care of me. They didn't complain about me not interacting with them at all, I hid in my room unless I had to deal with something, like feeding and bathing. I didn't want to spread my germs to him if i could help it at all.

FLASHBACK TIME: When the babies were like 2 months old I got the flu. The real, hard core, body ache flu. They weren't even 10 lbs yet, they were so tiny, I couldn't do ANYTHING with them and my husband could not get any time away from work and I had no family within 1000 miles. So I put a bandana over my face when i changed their diapers, no hugging, kissing, holding, just right to business and back into their cribs. THEN to feed them, not only did i use the bandana, I washed my hands, grabbed plastic bags, put them around my hand, taped them on, made the food and fed them while I had these bags on my hands. They would cry in their cribs, I would open the door (bandana on my face), lysol wipes on door knobs, checked to make sure thing were OK and they just were crying for attention. Then i would shut the door and literally collapse in front of their door and try to rest. It was terrible.

Back to my less horrible sickness, i was still about to.....DESPITE my illness, give them a bath two nights in a row, brought my son to hockey practice and got him all geared up and then hand washed his hockey gear. I highly doubt any dad would do ANY of that when they felt like I did.
Oh did i mention that my daughter pissed her pants during his practice.....15 minutes in? Yeah, I'm the horrible mom that make her kids sit in pissy pants in the bleachers while her other kid plays.I think she learned a valuable lesson today. I remember being in kindergarten pissing myself and having to sit in it at the nurses office until my mom got there. Hopefully she will remember this and not do it in kindergarten.

putting this cold in the prospective of my 2008 flu, it was nothing. I AM a wimp.
also.....the word wimp needs to have an H in it....

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