I had done a good bit of Christmas shopping online this year, which was AWESOME, I highly recommend it. I thought I was in good shape, boy was I wrong!

We got the gifts out yesterday to make sure everything was even, having twins, being even is VERY important. We got some BIG stuff. An indoor basketball game for the basement, doll house for princess, tool bench for buddy, etc. Now, as far as gifts to unwrap....pitiful.

Off I go to the stores next week to fill in the gaps. Luckily I found this AWESOME app for my iPhone that i just tested out at walmart whist I did some re-con with the kiddos. Basically, you scan an item and it tell you the lowest price online and lowest price in nearby stores. It uses your location service (make sure you enable it) to determine the nearby store and even tells you if its in stock. So tested it on some mobigo games. I was able to find a better price at other stores for almost all of them. The app is call shop savvy. I heard about it on a day time TV show. It's freeeeee ;)

Next week while the kids are at preschool I am on a mission. I will get this gift buying season conquered ASAP.

three posts in a row that I'm not ranting in? wow!


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