debt debt debt. Just like every American family out there, we have debt. We have A LOT of it. But today we've done something that not so many families get to do, we paid off a credit card, actually 3 of them, since the beginning of April.

It's a GREAT feeling. But, alas, there is ever more for us to chip away at. From student loans (i went to a private college) to the debt we accumulated when our family lived in two different states as we prepared our house to sell, to the mortgage we have on our current home, we are just filthy stinkin poor, on paper anyway.

We COULD cut up our credit cards, but what we we use in an emergency? I COULD not buy anything that isn't absolutely necessary, but that would make me a communist, i think. So I'm just going to continue on, chipping away, $1000 here, $500 there, until it's all gone.

One day, we'll be debt day.


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