I've been in a dark place for the last two months or so. Obviously my blog wasn't a priority. Now I'm baaaack and I'm chipper and me again. Don't worry, I'm still an opinionated bitch....the only difference is now I have the energy to tell you allll about it.

So, what have I been up to?
Well, the kids started preschool again, so I've been carting them all around for that.
I've been pretty busy with my jewelry business, which is nice, because busy means money. I like money.
Someone I'm close to all of the sudden got angry with me, won't talk to me and that was a major cause of my continued dark place....
I made a new friend and we went to a Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson concert. That pretty much got me out of the dark place.

Here's a photo from the concert of me with a random man that is the drag queen "gizelle" at a local drag club.
A little disclaimer.....the sweater I am wear is very baggy and there is a funny band around the middle area...so, umm, no I didn't gain a ton of weight.

So, now I've got some product reviews, recipes (yummy yum) and opinions to post, so check back daily.....I mean it


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