So, your kids are a reflection of you, why do you dress them like hobos? Seriously, I'm not the richest person in town, but I can put my kids in matching outfits.... they don't to be rocking the latest trends guys. No need for baby Uggs and Bebe outfits. A nice target outfit or two will do them just fine....hell you can find some decent stuff at walmart these days...
OK, everything matches is jeans, literally, everything, when in doubt throw a pairs of jeans on the kids and call it a day. In what world does green leggings with ugly animals on them match with a purple polka dotted shirt?
Now, I know I suck at doing hair and my child looked ragged before we decided to keep her hair in a bob. But you know what? I FIXED THE PROBLEM, and I did it early on. Why on earth would you dress your kids in mismatched, over sized, holey clothing? Go to a consignment shop (I do), a nice pair of brand name jeans.....$4 tops.
People are judging them, and you. Once these kids get to school, their peers will be judging them daily, to get picked for games on the play ground, to go to birthday parties, be liked in general. Guess what, their teachers judge them. they do, trust me. All those kids with the nice clothes and perceived "well off" families got better treatment by teachers when I was a kid. If you didn't notice it, then you were one of those kids.
Next year is kindergarten folks, the big time. Where it all starts. Don't give your kids a handicap from the beginning by letting them look like dirtballs. You better believe me, I'll be at the mall this summer, hitting the sales. Getting the brand name stuff (on sale, with coupons, supplementing with consignment finds). I will do it out of love, to give my kids a good start in what will be a very difficult time. They need to fit in socially, which is hard no matter how much money your parents have..... so there is no need to tip off the world that they don't fit in economically.
You might think I'm a cunt, but I tell it like it is. Take it from on of those kids that didn't have the nice brand name cool clothing. I even had one twunt (my new word) catch me trying to lie where I got my clothes, turn me around, look at the label and then call me out to everyone. So, yes, I'll say it, APPEARANCES MATTER. We all try to put on rose colored glasses and pretend that we're better than that, but it's just not the case and we all have to understand that life isn't fair.

Now, I'm not THAT evil. I teach me kids differently. I teach them that we are all the same, that everyone deserves to be played with equally, no matter what they look like. But peer pressure is s strong force, and not all parents teach their kids to love everyone. Eventually.....maybe second grade, these differences will be noticed and cliques will form and that is it. Once that happens, you're labeled and it is hard to dig yourself out once that happens. Take it from a labeled kid. I had to move 1/2 across the country before me labels were completely removed. They aren't external labels, you can get the nice clothing and hair, but they have now seeped in. You BECOME what you're labeled and you have to figure out who you really are.

My husband asked me what I was blogging about. He informed me that the purple shirt green legging situation may have just been a kid picking out their own outfit. I understand that, and maybe I'm an asshole. Maybe that was the kids play clothing and they wore the cute stuff to school. but I highly doubt it in this situation. My son can come with some gnarly outfits on his own. The latest being a red shirt, yellow addias athletic shorts and blue and green rain boots with frogs on them. I let him do it... when we are at home, but I'm with it enough as a mom to get his act together before we leave the house. 

feel free to comment, i imagine this is a hot button issue.


12/07/2012 8:54pm

Jessica, I just wanted to say I was one of those kids, also. My mother though, dressed me in all nasty clothing, all the way up to fifth grade. I was asked by a friend of mine, real friend, "Why does your mom allow you to wear what you wear, I was so damn clueless, to a point. I did not even know what the mall was. She kindly told me your mom makes sure she is all pretty all the time, and she don't even make sure you are in nice looking cloths. My excuse to her was, we don't have a lot of money, we shop at the good will....She then told me, my mom has the same amount or less money than your mom, she makes sure I have super nice clothes, and she is the one looking like the bum.....

Now after reading this, if my children look bad when I have them out and you see it. Be the person who will point it out to me kindly. I am still dealing with the past in that part. I also hate shopping for any type of clothing for myself with a passion, NOT only was I the poorly dressed kid, but I was also THE FAT kid.

Jasen My Awesome Husband said " You are absolutely correct in this blog."

12/07/2012 9:45pm

I'm sorry to hear that Chris, I've got some stories of my own to put my thoughts in perspective for you. Next time I see you, I'll tell you about them, tooooo much to type.


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