Today's therapy session was great, no crying. I got time to talk about me. I realized some things. No one knows me. My husband does and he keeps my secrets well. The great pretender. I think I know me, but I don't. Sometimes, I say the exactly opposite of what I actually think just because there would be a throw down if I said what was really in my mind.

I had all of these witty things to write here.....the just seem smug and stupid now.

This is what I know: by the time I really figure out who I AM, I will be in my seventies. I think about my grandmom, she has her shit together. She knows who she is. Everybody loves her because AND  despite of that. That's who I will be. The strongest person I know.

Screw the Midwest. I need the ocean.


12/12/2012 11:04pm

I think I know you pretty well. I think we were too young when we met to bother with censoring ourselves.


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