....really means you normally look like shit. Not all the time, but when you're just out in about in everyday clothing, not done up at all, and someone tells you that you look amazing, you need to stop and think about it....because girl friend you normally look horrible!

Why it's nice to get a compliment, telling someone they've lost weight, when really they haven't, means "man you are so dumpy all the time, seeing you not in yoga pants...you look, well not like a whale".

So I must have let myself go, because I've gotten both of those recently! Haha!

So, if you know me in real life and ever see me the way I've apparently looked for the last several months, TAKE ME SHOPPING AND TO THE DAMN SPA!

I really had no clue that I'd let myself go enough to get the "you've lost weight" comment... Yikes. I took the you look great comment as winter is over, it's nice seeing you not in a bulky sweater...but damn girl not the "you've lost weight" kiss of death!

Now now, getting a compliment is not ALWAYS bad. I give them all the time and totally for legit good looks! Got a new outfit, fab! New jewelry, yes please! Nice hair cut or color, all the way! Make up done when normal you don't, rock on girl friend! But be warey of the compliment that comes when you do not fit in to any of those scenerios!!

And as a public service announcement, just put on a cute pair of earrings, seriously! It makes a difference....and I know someone you can buy them from ;)


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