If you drive like an asshole, you will get the finger, and probably my horn too. Solution: don't drive like an asshole
What exactly IS driving like an asshole, well, that's simple.... Inconviencing me in any way :) if you pull into a parking lot and stop in the middle of the entrance, causing a car to be stranded in the lane, don't be surprised to hear a horn. Seriously? Continuous motion is required until you get to your destination, moron.

Driving on icy streets. Yes, I drive slowly when the street is covered by a film of ice. I don't have an SUV and people actually care if I die, so yes, I will be slowing down. Honking your horn at me will cause one of two things to happen: 1) my middle finger will say hello 2) I will purposefully drive slowly until I am convinced that you are thoroughly pissed off.

Traffic circles are for CONTINUOUS MOTION. No need to stop if there is no one is your lane, no need to stop if another car is just getting into the circle at the entrance to your left..... Umm, we are all going at a slower speed and as long as you move your ass, you fit right into the gap... Why is this a difficult concept to understand? I will honk at you for not moving you ass, I will continuously honk until you move said ass. So, move it.

My husband says my honking will get me killed one day. I doubt it though....it'll be my finger. Apparently it's offensive ;)


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