Something special came in the mail for me today!

I was selected for the influenster SUNKISSED Voxbox. Woohoo! I've tested plenty of products from influenster in previous entries. The contents of these boxes usually contains a few full sized items, a few travel sized items and some coupons. The purpose of this program is for us to test these products puts, give reviews and tips from our trials and spread the word about products we like. You too can be an influenster by signing up at www.influenster.com. Please keep in mind, there is sometimes a wait list for this, but it's SOOOOO worth it. Free stuff AND I get to voice my opinions? Yeehaw!

My goodies: Red nail polish Heal shoe cushions Hair do-dads And BB cream (kinda like tinted sunscreen)

This probably the smallest Voxbox I have seen, contents wise.... HOWEVER, I am honestly really excited to try out each of these products.

I have a mini vacation type thing coming up and the heal inserts will be great for that. Red nail polish... Uh duh... Yay! The no tangle/rip hair thingers look promising, I DEPLORE ripping my hair out with hair ties, so we will see. And the BB cream, well it IS summer, and I SHOULD be using sunscreen on my face, so there you go ;)

Stay tuned for the review of each product lovelies

Congrats to Danielle W. for bring the BIG WINNER of the $15 gift card to Sears from Smiley! You will be getting an email from smiley.com for confirmation!

On a related Smiley360.com note, I am very interested in a new program they are helping, and I think most of you will be too. Here are some to the details:
The mission of Worldreader is to make digital books available to children in the developing world, so millions of people can improve their lives.

Join Worldreader on their mission to deliver books digitally to children in the developing world. Please commit to vote for Worldreader between 11/27/12 and 12/4/12 and share it with your circles. It’s an opportunity for Worldreader to win up to $1 MILLION, and to increase “Books for all” awareness globally like never before. Worldreader gives children in the developing world access to digital books. Using e readers loaded with thousands of local and international e-books, they provide children the books they want and need, so they can improve their lives.

Here are the important links:
Facebook: click here to vote
More info about this campaign : click here for more info

all we are doing is clicking on a vote button here folks, take the 20 seconds and

I was given a $15 gift card to go shopping at Sears for some new holiday decor via a smiley360 "mission". You can check out the Smiley360 program at www.smiley360.com or Sears at www.sears.com. Sears is one of my favorite stops at the mall. I know the quality of their products is always good and they make organizing my purchases easy by offering the email our receipts! The shop your way rewards program is great. Not only do I earn rewards points for my purchases, but I get random bonus rewards, presumable just because I'm that awesome! Check out their rewards program here.

For my family, Christmas is a family affair so I brought the whole caravan along to help me choose.

First of all, I was surprised with the size of the holiday department at Sears. I expected it to be MUCH bigger than it was. Sadly, it was only 2.5 very short aisles wide, and some of the aisles were not totally filled, especially in the licensed section. I'm sure they just needed to do some restocking of items. I did have a very nice gentleman ask me if I needed any assistance almost immediately. That gave me to opportunity to find out if this was the as big as the holiday section was going to get. Unfortunately that's all folks, bummer. I almost wished my gift card was for Kmart (owned by Sears) at that point, I know their holiday section is a little bigger. The Ty Pennington section did not stand out to me at all, in fact I don't even recall seeing any Ty Pennington Items.

OK enough with the bummers....now to what ROCKED MY SOCKS. The tree selection was AWESOME. There were tree of all sizes and colors. What really did it for me was the pre-lit tree selection. I have been searching for a nice pre-lit tree that had BOTH white and colored lights for a long time and nothing did it for me...until I got to Sears :)

If you are not really good at creating those catalog ready Christmas tress (like me), then you've come to the right spot, they do it all for you! You just have to pick out a color scheme or theme and it's all right there. They have each color and theme sectioned off, so once you made up your mind, you just choose a garland, or bow type, grab a bunch of ornaments that you adore, a topper and you're off. I was a big fan of the nontraditional color scheme with purple and glitter :) I'm such a girl. For those of us that need even more inspiration, you can check out their Cheer Headquarters online before you shop.

That's basically where the family came in for me. Once I was done touching all the pretties and oohing over the pre-lit tree of my dreams, I let the littles pick out whatever they wanted. We talked about starting a tradition right then and there and they chose to each get a licensed Disney ornament.

Once turkey day has come and gone....we will be back at Sears to get that FABULOUS, dreamy, pre-lit tree I've been wanting for....forever.

The final selection and thusly the start of our new family tradition, yearly Disney ornaments picked out by the kiddos.
That's right, one of my lucky readers will get their VERY OWN $15 gift card compliments of Sears and the Smilely360 program!!!!
All you have to do is fill out the information form by November 30th

    Yes, all of the fields are required to win, and no I will not stalk you ;)

I WON THIS. From Influenster. Basically, I got this box of all kinds of goodies. I tried them all out. Then I blogged, reviewed and just shared my experience with the products. When that was all done, they picked "winners" to receive EXTRA free stuff. Fulled sized free stuff. Pretty nifty. The website is www.influenster.com you should totally sign try it out.If you have 15-20 minutes 2 or 3 times a week, then you can totally do this.

This body wash is really nice. I'm a fan or ivory because it pretty much free of all of that extra crap other soaps put in their products. The only problem is.....my husband keeps snagging it (he uses waaay too much)

I'm pretty sure I've already done a review for the bar soap.....which is timeless. Pretty much, if you haven't tried it, you're a communist.

As I mentioned in earlier reviews, I joined this program called influenster. Basically, they send you a box full of samples (usually full sized products), you try them out, them to facebook, twitter, blog, tell people, etc, about the products. Then, after it's all over with, they sometimes send you EVEN more free stuff (that you don't need to review) based on how much you told people what you think about the products you tried.

If you have time you blog, maybe, 15-20 minutes, 2 times a week, then you should try this program.

This week I found out that I won two "challenges". For the first challenge, I'm getting a full sized bottle of Ivory body wash and and 10 pack bar of Ivory soap. Not too shabby, and all I had to do was try he product they sent to me, review it on my blog and some social media sites. The second challenge I won some nail kits from imPress brand nail products, some deal, all I did was talk about the product on my blog.

So, if you like free things, telling people what you think, and have like 30 extra minutes a week, try this program out. www.influenster.com. No, i don't think i get anything special for getting you into the program, I just really thinks it's great....but if they do ask who send you....tell them it was me ;)
I received a box of goodies from www.influenster.com to try out and review, this is one of the products that came in my box o'fun :)

The imPRESS Press On Manicure set that i got was PURPLE! velvet rope to be exact! Anyone one that knows me, knows I only have various shades of purple nail polish in my arsenal, so this was exciting!

First of all, this set same in THE cutest container, it looks like a little nail polish bottle. I don't know, maybe I'm easily amused, but i REALLY got a kick out of that!

I must say, they were easy to put on, a quick clean of my nails, pull the sticky tab off, and press on. The hardest part of this was figuring out which size for each nail. I don't know if i have strangely wide nails for a girl, but I had a hard time fitting my thumb. There was a small gap on the side, which made them more likely to come off earlier than they should. I'm not complaining though, they would be hard pressed (pun intended) to make a package that fit every lady that would possibly try them out.

All in all, I like them. Having a set around for an occasion requiring some fanciness is a good idea, since they take less than 10 minutes to get on, look nice, and are durable. God knows i never have enough time to let actual polish dry!

The Suggested retail price of $5.99 for solid colors is not too bad, considering it's quadruple that for a manicure (at least)!

you can find these products (and print out a coupon) at www.impressmanicure.com


I smell like a baby's butt (but in a good way)

I received a FULL bar of ivory soap from www.influenster.com and Ivory to test and give me opinion on.

I must say I'm pleased. Not only does the smell of ivory soap bring me back to the good old days of sponge bathing my little twins, but it cleans me darn well too :)

I've been using the same bar for almost an month and it's still going strong (which is nice for my budget)! It's gentle enough for my to use of my face, which gets nice and oily this time of year, getting it squeaky clean, rather than over dry and red.

I hear that you can REALLY save on your budget by making laundry detergent by using a bar of ivory soap and some other things, and APPARENTLY this soap will last you like 6 months, just using one bar of soap. I think I'm going to try it when i pick up next 3 pack of ivory soap (when ever this bar runs out). Do any of your blog readers make your own laundry soap? Do you have a good recipe?

you can check out the ivory products ate www.ivory.com OR the awesome influenster program at www.influenster.com or check out their Facebook pages http://www.facebook.com/Ivory and http://www.facebook.com/Influenster
I received a box of goodies from a great site, www.influenster.com. My mission is to test and review these products. This is step 1 of my mission.
This morning I chose to try to products at one time, I'm crazy like that, tea and COOKIES! A breakfast of champions! (more on the tea later)
In my box o'goodies there was a package of yummy, soft baked cookies. I've never really been able to make a "good" soft oatmeal raisin cookie, why should i have to when Quaker does it SO WELL!

I realized that I should take a picture of my cookie before i devoured it. It was soft, moist, healthy and certinly raisin-y. The only bad thing about this package of cookie, was that there only gave me ONE! WHAT A TEASE!
Off to the grocery store I go, to get me some more cookies :)

you can check out their products at http://www.quakeroats.com
I received this Airwick Fresh-Matic as a drawing prize at one of my MOPs meetings, I was thrilled to get it, no seriously, I was.

My home has a constant funk. It's a combination of dog ass and stinky boy drool. It's nice to have a little relief.

My dogs, both male, go at "it" like no other. This fishy nasty odor starts wafting out of one of their orifices, it's horrible. And that boy drool, not only do boys naturally smell, but mine drools as well. Have you ever smelled dried drool? It's almost as wonderful as dog ass.

That brings me to the actual product review. It's grrrrreat! Not only is it easy to set up, pop batteries in (they were INCLUDED!), stick your scent canister in and set your time interval. I really think the hardest part was figuring out where to put it.

I must admit, i did put my scent can in the wrong way at first and squirted myself in the face. I'm sure that if i didn't have two 4 years olds hanging on me i would have been paying more attention to the direction of the tiny chemical squirt hole.

I'm a pretty cheap person, so i set it up for the longest interval, that was a month ago, and it's still going strong. If i ever have people over, I just set it for the shortest interval to spare them the potential of dog ass creeping in.

Even my husband, who isn't a fan of spray air fresheners, likes this product. Even though I have it on the longest interval, he can always smell it, which is a nice change, believe me!

All in all I'm pretty pleased with my winnings and will be purchasing a refill on my next shopping trip!

I was lucky enough to be invited to a Blue Bunny Ice Cream Social. Basically, Blue Bunny is promoting their new line of ice cream, by asking ladies to have their friends over and pig out on free ice cream provided by Blue Bunny. It's a great concept, and a fun time.

My hostess provided Blue Bunny ice cream sandwiches, ice cream pops, and 5 different gallon tubs of their new Sweet Freedom line of ice cream, which does not have any added sugar.

Now, I love my sugar, by love I mean i require it to live, like air.....and 3 hour daily naps.

At first i was skeptical about an ice cream with no added sugar, but, I was hungry, so I dug right in. I could honestly not taste a different between the old fashion sugar added variety currently in my fridge and this glorious lower calorie treat that I was indulging on. 4 bowls and one ice cream pop later I was a full and happy lady.

That brings me to the after "party" in my pants. About an hour and a half after eating the real fun started. Now, I can't be 100% sure that the ice cream caused it, but I can't think of any other reason that would cause the most fowl, loud and devastating gas EVER. It was as if a creature died inside my bowls and turned into noxious fumes; it was the smell of death. This continued on until about midnight. My husband banished me to the other room and even my dog didn't even want to sleep with me. OK, this dog has been known to eat poop, literally; but he couldn't handle my new scent.

DESPITE the gas attack, i would do it all over again! This ice cream was too good and too "free", calorie wise, to let a little butt trumpeting get in the way!

Needless to say, I went right to the grocery store today, with a complimentary coupon in hand, to purchase my very own gas inducing ice cream :)

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