As I mentioned in earlier reviews, I joined this program called influenster. Basically, they send you a box full of samples (usually full sized products), you try them out, them to facebook, twitter, blog, tell people, etc, about the products. Then, after it's all over with, they sometimes send you EVEN more free stuff (that you don't need to review) based on how much you told people what you think about the products you tried.

If you have time you blog, maybe, 15-20 minutes, 2 times a week, then you should try this program.

This week I found out that I won two "challenges". For the first challenge, I'm getting a full sized bottle of Ivory body wash and and 10 pack bar of Ivory soap. Not too shabby, and all I had to do was try he product they sent to me, review it on my blog and some social media sites. The second challenge I won some nail kits from imPress brand nail products, some deal, all I did was talk about the product on my blog.

So, if you like free things, telling people what you think, and have like 30 extra minutes a week, try this program out. No, i don't think i get anything special for getting you into the program, I just really thinks it's great....but if they do ask who send you....tell them it was me ;)

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