I was given a $15 gift card to go shopping at Sears for some new holiday decor via a smiley360 "mission". You can check out the Smiley360 program at www.smiley360.com or Sears at www.sears.com. Sears is one of my favorite stops at the mall. I know the quality of their products is always good and they make organizing my purchases easy by offering the email our receipts! The shop your way rewards program is great. Not only do I earn rewards points for my purchases, but I get random bonus rewards, presumable just because I'm that awesome! Check out their rewards program here.

For my family, Christmas is a family affair so I brought the whole caravan along to help me choose.

First of all, I was surprised with the size of the holiday department at Sears. I expected it to be MUCH bigger than it was. Sadly, it was only 2.5 very short aisles wide, and some of the aisles were not totally filled, especially in the licensed section. I'm sure they just needed to do some restocking of items. I did have a very nice gentleman ask me if I needed any assistance almost immediately. That gave me to opportunity to find out if this was the as big as the holiday section was going to get. Unfortunately that's all folks, bummer. I almost wished my gift card was for Kmart (owned by Sears) at that point, I know their holiday section is a little bigger. The Ty Pennington section did not stand out to me at all, in fact I don't even recall seeing any Ty Pennington Items.

OK enough with the bummers....now to what ROCKED MY SOCKS. The tree selection was AWESOME. There were tree of all sizes and colors. What really did it for me was the pre-lit tree selection. I have been searching for a nice pre-lit tree that had BOTH white and colored lights for a long time and nothing did it for me...until I got to Sears :)

If you are not really good at creating those catalog ready Christmas tress (like me), then you've come to the right spot, they do it all for you! You just have to pick out a color scheme or theme and it's all right there. They have each color and theme sectioned off, so once you made up your mind, you just choose a garland, or bow type, grab a bunch of ornaments that you adore, a topper and you're off. I was a big fan of the nontraditional color scheme with purple and glitter :) I'm such a girl. For those of us that need even more inspiration, you can check out their Cheer Headquarters online before you shop.

That's basically where the family came in for me. Once I was done touching all the pretties and oohing over the pre-lit tree of my dreams, I let the littles pick out whatever they wanted. We talked about starting a tradition right then and there and they chose to each get a licensed Disney ornament.

Once turkey day has come and gone....we will be back at Sears to get that FABULOUS, dreamy, pre-lit tree I've been wanting for....forever.

The final selection and thusly the start of our new family tradition, yearly Disney ornaments picked out by the kiddos.
That's right, one of my lucky readers will get their VERY OWN $15 gift card compliments of Sears and the Smilely360 program!!!!
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