I smell like a baby's butt (but in a good way)

I received a FULL bar of ivory soap from www.influenster.com and Ivory to test and give me opinion on.

I must say I'm pleased. Not only does the smell of ivory soap bring me back to the good old days of sponge bathing my little twins, but it cleans me darn well too :)

I've been using the same bar for almost an month and it's still going strong (which is nice for my budget)! It's gentle enough for my to use of my face, which gets nice and oily this time of year, getting it squeaky clean, rather than over dry and red.

I hear that you can REALLY save on your budget by making laundry detergent by using a bar of ivory soap and some other things, and APPARENTLY this soap will last you like 6 months, just using one bar of soap. I think I'm going to try it when i pick up next 3 pack of ivory soap (when ever this bar runs out). Do any of your blog readers make your own laundry soap? Do you have a good recipe?

you can check out the ivory products ate www.ivory.com OR the awesome influenster program at www.influenster.com or check out their Facebook pages http://www.facebook.com/Ivory and http://www.facebook.com/Influenster

07/25/2012 5:31pm

"Squeaky" clean is actually caused by hard water which leaves behind soap residue.

07/25/2012 6:32pm

that's strange......we have a water softener, hmmm

jennifer hendrickson
07/26/2012 1:51am

i have a recipe for you. i will try to remember to send it to you. baby brain has a hold on me lately so you might need to remind me.


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