Something special came in the mail for me today!

I was selected for the influenster SUNKISSED Voxbox. Woohoo! I've tested plenty of products from influenster in previous entries. The contents of these boxes usually contains a few full sized items, a few travel sized items and some coupons. The purpose of this program is for us to test these products puts, give reviews and tips from our trials and spread the word about products we like. You too can be an influenster by signing up at www.influenster.com. Please keep in mind, there is sometimes a wait list for this, but it's SOOOOO worth it. Free stuff AND I get to voice my opinions? Yeehaw!

My goodies: Red nail polish Heal shoe cushions Hair do-dads And BB cream (kinda like tinted sunscreen)

This probably the smallest Voxbox I have seen, contents wise.... HOWEVER, I am honestly really excited to try out each of these products.

I have a mini vacation type thing coming up and the heal inserts will be great for that. Red nail polish... Uh duh... Yay! The no tangle/rip hair thingers look promising, I DEPLORE ripping my hair out with hair ties, so we will see. And the BB cream, well it IS summer, and I SHOULD be using sunscreen on my face, so there you go ;)

Stay tuned for the review of each product lovelies


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