I used to spend tons of $$ on buying sweet tea. Then I got a tea brewer....it broke. Now I'm broke so I make my own tea. It's very simple and tastes just as though you are at a diner in Georgia.No picture is necessary, if you don't know what sweet tea should look like and you need a picture...you're a moron and should just kill yourself.

6 tea bags
a 1 gallon container
2 cups sugar
a pot

boil water, it doesn't matter how much, you eventually fill it up to a gallon.
turn off heat, place 6 heat bags in the water.
Let the tea steep for AT LEAST 1 hour. I've forgotten about it all day before and it's just as good.
throw the tea bags away and pour into the gallon container
add 2 cups of sugar and mix well, until the sugar dissolves, add water up to a gallon, mix. drink.

That's it. It's the best sweet tea I have ever made. better than the tea brewer and store bought stuff.

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