I am well aware that you can find MANY other blogs with instructions for making these, but I have a few trial and error tips....and I'm awesome, so my blog wins.

flat bottom ice cream cones
1 box of cake mix (and ingredients on box)
2 containers of icing
icing piping set
1 large robe gift box
exacto knife (or something similar)
cup cake liners
cup cake pan

I just really want to be that AWESOME mom that makes cool things. I always liked those moms when I was a kid, and now, since I have time (I'm a stay at home mom) I would be a totally lazy turd of a mom if I just bought a box of cupcakes at the grocery store. I have this kind of fantastical view of how the world should be and moms staying at home making fancy cupcakes is a big part of that world.

Start off by making the cake batter as directed on box. I used Betty Crocker Funfetti and the Joy multi colored cone, 5 year olds just love funfetti! Put the cup cake liners in your cupcake pan. Pour the batter in 1/2 to 2/3 full then place the cones on top on the better, pressing them slightly into the batter. See below

Cook these bad boys for about 18 minutes on 350. Now, the cones will tilt as they batter rises, this is totally fine and there is nothing you can do to keep them straight, so don't screw with it, just sip some wine and let them be. The icing will pretty much cover up the unevenness of the cake in the cone. Out of ALL 18 only 1 came out straight. Once they are done, let them set at room temp for 30 minutes before you remove the liners to ice them.
While my cones were cooking I had my husband cut out 18 circles in the robe box, this will be used to keep the cones upright while I ice them and then also for disaster free transportation. Now, this next part kinda sucked. Totally a learning curve. I used a Wilton brand cupcake decorating set, it came with several sizes of tips and plenty of icing bags. I used the 1M tip to make the "ice cream" style swirl. I also used Wilton cake decorating icing. This part I will change in the future. Right out of the container the icing is WAY too hard to squeeze though the tip, carpel tunnel anyone? We ended up mixing in about 2 tablespoons of water in each container to soften it up. Next time I am trying normal cake icing,
So, swirl it on top of the cakes, try to cover up the entire cake, making it look like a soft serve ice cream cone. Once you're all done, sprinkle the tops and you are DONE!
Just cover them loosely with plastic wrap to keep them from drying out


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