The following recipe is a compilation of several sources I found online. it's amazingly easy. Now, if you like saucy ribs, this is for you. I'm not all about that dry rub crap.

I generally go to Sam's Club and get a big pack of pork ribs, then separate them into meal time quantities. They get frozen until needed and defrost pretty fast. I think the best part of this meal for me is that it take NO PRE-PLANNING or extra shopping. I usually serve it with corn on the cob (I always have on hand, meal portion separated and frozen too) and a pasta or potato salad of some sort. I have all ingredients on hand usually.

a pot big enough to boil your ribs in
pork ribs
garlic powder
seasoned salt
garlic and herb blend (optional, can use Italian blend too)
your favorite BBQ sauce

Fill up your pot with enough water to cover your ribs, then add your herbs and spices. Now, I don't measure, just dump. There really is no reason to measure, they are just being used to flavor the meat and keep it tender. bring the water to a boil, then add your ribs and boil them for 30 min.

Preheat your oven to 375 while you boil your ribs.

After your ribs done boiling, pat them dry and generously brush them with your favorite BBQ sauce, on both sides. Bake for 40min-1 hour.

THAT'S IT. They are awesome, easy and totally worth a try.

Is there anything that I can do with this? It's the water/seasonings that I boiled the ribs in. It seems like I should be able to cook this down, freeze it and use it for another purpose.

I will happily take suggestions for re purposing this. Seems like a waste to go down the drain...yummy rendered fat and spices have to be good for something.


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